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During this session, I will:

  • Assess your dog

  • Take a detailed behavior history

  • Determine your training goals with your dog

  • Discuss a variety of training options

  • Give you management solutions to provide immediate relief

  • Design a customized training plan based on your goals



2 - 6 months old

Is your new puppy driving you crazy? Barking, jumping, chewing, peeing and pooping everywhere..? We will help you get a handle on these common nuisance behaviors before they develop further. We also aim to start your puppy off on the right paw by providing safe and positive socialization experiences - which reduces the likelihood of behavioral issues developing later on in life.  



> 6 months old

Did your rebellious teenage dog suddenly stopped listening? Or has your adult dog's lack of manners finally outlived her charm? No dog is ever too old to be trained, and can be quickly guided back on the right path. We will help your dog break those bad habits, develop better impulse control around distractions and learn a solid foundation of real-life social skills.


All life stages

Are you at your wits' end regarding your dog's uncontrollable behavioral issues? Is your dog barking at other strangers and/or dogs, pulling on the leash or displaying separation anxiety? We will help you address  the underlying reasons causing those behaviors, and come up with a customized training solution to empower your dog to channel those struggles into strengths.