About Us

PokéDog Training offers professional dog training and behaviour consulting services to dog owners in Singapore and beyond. Our mission is to provide the most fun, effective and humane training solutions and help dog owners form harmonious relationships with their furry best friend. We look beyond the traditional concept of “obedience” and focus on tackling behaviour issues with evidence-based positive reinforcement training methods. We strive to create new perspectives on dog guardianship, empower dogs to make good choices and enrich the lives of each dog-handler team that we meet.

We specialise in one-to-one coaching with clients to help them understand their dogs, build core foundation skills and address their behaviour concerns. We place a heavy focus on polishing up the handler’s mechanical skills to build clear communication and accelerate the dog’s learning. We also teach clients how to modify their environments to effectively prevent and resolve undesirable behaviours. Whether you are seeking to teach basic manners or to resolve more complex behaviour concerns such as fear, anxiety or aggression – our training programs are tailored on each dog and owner’s needs and are designed to set each team up for long-term success.

The PokéDog Training team is committed to continuing education by regularly taking part in training and behaviour conferences, courses, workshops and seminars.

Clara Jaime Koh

Founder / Head Trainer

Clara is very devoted to the study of canine behavior and strongly believes that the key to preventing most dog-related behavior problems is to build a lifelong and solid training foundation without the use of physical force or psychological intimidation. She hopes to impart essential training skills and strengthen the bond between every dog and owner she meets.

In her free time, Clara enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities and is a complete Ultimate Frisbee nut. You can easily find her running around with her teammates chasing a 175g piece of round plastic in big open fields on the weekends. Just like her passion for dog training and behaviour, she also geeks out massively over coffee and enjoys her daily home-brewing activities.

Education Background / Credentials:

KPA CTP – Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

SA (Separation Anxiety) Pro Trainer Certified

CPDT-KA – Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed

FFCP (Trainer) – Fear Free Certified Professional (Trainer)

Master of Science in Human-Canine Life Science – Bergin University of Canine Studies, USA

Bachelor in Business Management – Singapore Management University

Marianne Ching

Associate Trainer

Marianne was inspired to join the positive reinforcement and fear free movement through her own sessions with PokéDog Training School. The endless possibilities she envisioned with her dog pushed her to further her studies and eventually joined the PokéDog training team. She loves to see relationships between her clients and their dogs blossom through R+ training, and hopes to be able to inspire more people to join the R+ movement.

Marianne enjoys the outdoors and plays touch rugby, tennis and bouldering during her free time! She is a designer by training and is constantly pushing her creativity in both design and dog training. She is a dedicated dogmum to her beloved Corgi, Hugo, and brings him on frequent decompression walks around Singapore.

Education Background / Credentials:

Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Comprehensive (Completed) 

FFCP (Trainer) – Fear Free Certified Professional (Trainer)

Masters of Architecture, Singapore University of Technology and Design