Puppy Training

Achieve the best start in life for your puppy

Is your new puppy driving you crazy? Barking, jumping, chewing, peeing and pooping everywhere..? We can help you get a handle on these common nuisance behaviours before they develop further.

Our puppy training programs are designed for puppies between 2 to 6 months old without extreme behaviour concerns such as fear, anxiety, reactivity and aggression.

What we can help with:

As first time pup owners, we found Clara’s advice and guidance extremely helpful. She taught us how to understand Zuko’s behaviours and motivate him through positive, fear-free training methods. Through her lessons, we have acquired useful skills that we are still applying past graduation! We highly recommend Clara if you’re looking to build a strong relationship with your furkid through a kindness-based approach.

Thanks Clara for teaching us how to help Zuko grow up happy and carefree 🙂

– Jessica L.

Our Services

Initial Consultation


Prerequisite: Initial Consultation

In-Person Training

Prerequisite: Initial Consultation

Follow-Up Options

In-person and virtual training options are available at discounted rates after completing an initial package. Please contact us to book.

Struggling to train your dog consistently and meet their enrichment needs? Or are you returning back to work and need a trusted pet professional to keep up with your dog’s training when you are away? Click here to find out more about our Private Day Training & Enrichment Walk programs!