Private Day Training & Enrichment Walks

Enjoy a peace of mind while we do the heavy lifting for you

Just brought a new puppy home and feeling extremely overwhelmed? Or is family, work and life getting in the way of keeping up with the consistency of your training? Getting a certified professional to do the heavy lifting for you in the early stages of your dog’s learning can significantly accelerate the training progress. Let us take the leash with a peace of mind while you are busy working, travelling or running your household. At PokéDog Training, we also value including you in the learning and bonding process. Each private day training program comes with regular training progress reports, training handouts and in-person private coaching sessions to transfer the skills to you and address remaining areas of behaviour concerns.

Our private day training and enrichment walk programs are designed for puppies and dogs of all life stages without extreme behaviour concerns such as fear, anxiety, reactivity and aggression. Please contact us to book.

What we can help with:

We have had the opportunity to work with both Clara and Marianne, and highly recommend their progressive reinforcement approach to dog training. When our dog, Juno, was a puppy, Clara helped us with training foundations. Her guidance was invaluable in framing our expectations for Juno’s training journey and teaching us how to teach Juno. As Juno matured into adolescence, she would at times struggle with overexcitement and leash frustration around other dogs. Enter Marianne. Marianne is an excellent communicator: after each session, we had a very clear idea as to what skills we had to work on, and how to work on them. 

The learning process was also greatly sped up by the cameo appearance by Clara and her dog Kobe, the ever-reliable stooge.

– Eu Jin O.

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In-person and virtual training options are available at discounted rates after completing an initial package. Please contact us to book.