Training Policy

COVID-19 Guidelines

PokéDog Training will follow Singapore’s guidelines for COVID-19’s safe-distancing procedures. You agree and acknowledge that you may not schedule sessions with PokéDog Training if:

  • you or anyone in the household has been tested positive for COVID-19 and have not found to be cleared of the virus
  • you or anyone in the household show signs of having COVID-19
  • you or anyone in the household has been exposed to COVID-19 within the last 7 days

Please inform us to reschedule as soon as you can if you suspect that you have been exposed to the virus.

Booking Policies

Payment is due at the time of reservation. Package purchases may be paid in full prior to the start of the program.

Upon payment, a registration form must be filled out including a full behaviour history of your dog as well as your contact information.

Please note that all services purchased expire after 1 year.

Cancelling & Rescheduling Sessions

We require at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel and reschedule. If you miss your session and there is no prior communication of a no-show, the session will be forfeited.

Adverse weather: In the event of weather cancellation, you will be notified a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start of your session. Your session will be rescheduled as soon as possible without penalty.

Injury/Illnesses: If you or your dog are feeling unwell or has recently sustained an injury, please inform us as soon as you can to reschedule your sessions. You may retain your booking credit until you or your dog is fully recovered before rebooking.


You may request for a refund within 7 days of booking an initial consultation.

If a training package has been purchased and we decide that we are not a right fit to work together, we will issue a refund for the unused sessions.

All refunds are subjected to a $50 fee.

Email/Phone Support

Please allow up to 72 hours for emails, texts and calls to be returned. Most responses will be returned via email or text.

Training Equipment

Acceptable equipment:

  • Harness
  • Solid leashes
  • Flat buckle collars
  • Martingale collars (only for dogs that are flight risks)
  • Head collars
  • Basket muzzles
  • Food/toy reinforcements

Unacceptable equipment:

  • Shock/electric collars
  • Choke chain collars
  • Prong collars
  • Retractable/flexi leashes
  • Slip leashes
  • Invisible/electronic fencing

We hold professional certifications from organisations that require us to uphold their code of conduct. Inherent in these certifications is the agreement to abide by their standards of ethics and practice. While we respect the right of owners to make personal choices with regards to the training equipment they use on their dogs, aversive training tools are strictly not permitted in our training sessions. If you are currently using an equipment that is not permitted, PokéDog Training will create a training plan to discontinue its use. However, if you choose to continue to work with an unacceptable equipment(s), we reserve the right to terminate your training package and refund for any unused sessions.

Behaviour Change Policy

The purpose of the training is to teach you how to train and work with your dog, and adjust their behaviour in an ethical manner. There are no quick fixes for sustainable and long-term behaviour change and the effects of training can be influenced by various factors. We will take all appropriate measures to achieve training and behaviour goals but we are unable to make guarantees to training results.

Upon signing up with us, you agree to take all necessary steps to follow through with the training protocols that we provide during the sessions – especially to work on your dog daily and to consistently reinforce the training.

Client’s Rights

You reserve the right to refuse any part of the functional assessment and training program. Please feel free to openly communicate with us so that we can adjust the program to reflect your wishes. You also have the right to clarify the details of the training program before consenting to participate.

Bite History

If your dog has a bite history (towards other dogs and/or humans), this information must be disclosed to us in writing prior to the initial consultation.

Children & Household Members

Children and household members are encouraged to participate or observe the training sessions. Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by one adult who is not the main handler for the dog. Each dog must have a focused and dedicated handler who is not distracted. We reserve the right to moderate the number of participants at the training sessions to maintain a conducive learning environment for the dog and handler.

Photos, Videos, Promotions & Social Media

We may take photos and videos of your training sessions for use in any media and advertising of PokéDog Training and their affiliates. You may withdraw your consent anytime by informing us beforehand.