Behaviour Modification

Channel your dog’s struggles into strengths

Are you at your wits’ end regarding your dog’s uncontrollable behavioural issues?

Is your dog barking at other strangers and/or dogs, lunging on the leash or displaying separation anxiety? We will address the underlying reasons causing those behaviours, and help you empower your dog to channel those struggles into strengths.

Behaviour modification programs are offered by Head Trainer Clara Jaime Koh only. For Separation Anxiety Treatment Plans, visit this page.

What we can help with:

It took me awhile to find the right trainer at first, but Clara was a true godsend. Sadie, my 3 year old rescue, is highly anxious around people and other dogs, and had a lot of trouble just being around anyone or anything that was unfamiliar to her. But instead of forcing Sadie to conform to society’s expectations of a “good dog”, she taught me a lot about understanding Sadie’s needs, and finding ways to manage her anxiety and feel more comfortable and confident at the same time. We know that training is an ongoing process that doesn’t just stop with her graduation, but I’m thankful that I now have the skills to help Sadie lead a happy and healthy life. 

Would absolutely recommend PokéDog Training School to any pawrents looking for help with their furbabies 🙂

– Tiara C.

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Prerequisite: Initial Consultation


Prerequisite: Initial Consultation

Follow-Up Options

In-person and virtual training options are available at discounted rates after completing an initial package. Please contact us to book.

Struggling to train your dog consistently and meet their enrichment needs? Or are you returning back to work and need a trusted pet professional to keep up with your dog’s training when you are away? Click here to find out more about our Private Day Training & Enrichment Walk programs!